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Season's summary - summer of 2015

28 Sep 2015

Posted by Amenel Comments

DDT for Piwik has a new feature that will be of much help to webmasters: the possibility of keeping track of the number of times each file offered for download has been downloaded.

Oblivion for OpenOffice got the ability to open documents directly from the list of documents with either the mouse or the keyboard.

As to Kinetic, the notation to tablature converter for guitar scores has garnered the most activity in the past months. Check it out for yourself: support has been added for multipart scores and for outputting annotated MusicXML files. Kinetic also got support of ZIP format and a brand new left hand fingering algorithm, which means that compressed MusicXML files can from now onwards be processed and, independently, output files can be served as a single archive file. The new left hand fingering algorithm supports barrés and should be made public before year end.

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Release of DDT 1.7

7 Jul 2015

Posted by Khalemy Comments

Version 1.7 of DDT has been released today.

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